Manage parking and charge

WattPark can be installed everywhere and offers numerous benefits for both users and owners whether they’re private persons, business owners or administration. It efficiently manages control and monetization of the charging process. Finally, it can even manage parking spots for both diesel and electrical vehicles.

For home

↗ Easy, programmable and secure charging ↗ Easy to install with low investment required ↗ Make money out of your charging point

For workplace

↗ Easily manage the charging of both company fleet and personal vehicles ↗ Cope with charging point installation laws and requirements at work ↗ Cost effective and easy to implement

For your customers

↗ Attract new customers willing to charge their vehicle while shopping ↗ Manage your parking through the application ↗ Give your business an environmentally friendly image

For local authorities

↗ Get involved in Ecomobility ↗ Manage parking spots easily and efficiently in town centers ↗ Bill your customers according to booking time, calendar day and even social criterias

Creating a community of Charge Pals

With every WattPark charge point installed, a leverage effect is created as more and more users and owners join our community contributing to the building of a smart charger network.