Charge point + App

WattPark has designed the first ever bookable and monetisable chargepoint fully controled by a mobile application.

See the WattPark app as your access key

First, choose an available charge point on the map in the mobile app. See where it's situated, its features and visuals.

Schedule a charge via the app

Choose an hour of arrival for the charging station you've just selected. You get its GPS coordinates and an encrypted access key.

Your station awaits you

No waiting line, no broken chargepoint, no bad surprise : WattPark makes electric vehicle charging hassle-free

When you arrive, the station recognizes you

Our charger connects to your cell phone at a 65 feet range; as bluetooth connects, the iris of the station opens and unlocks the charge, automatically revealing the plug you need (type 2 or NEMA/E).

Find WattPark everywhere

Charging an electric vehicle becomes as easy as charging a cell phone.

WattPark can be implemented even in no-service areas

Our solution works everywhere even in places with no phone or internet coverage such as rural areas or underground parkings. It connects via bluetooth then uses your phone to transmit data to the internet.

WattPark is loaded with tons of features

Wether you're a local government representative, a business owner, a store manager or a random electric vehicle user, WattPark is THE charging solution you need.

It manages both charge and parking

Control access to your charge point and parking spot controling an optional barrier via the application.

WattPark charges 60% faster

Don't get limited at 8A or 10A. Thanks to WattPark, unleash full-speed-16A charge with our exclusive cable.

2 plugs in 1: juice cars, scooters and bikes

Both type E (or FEMA for USA) and type 2 plus are selectable in our charge point via the app. You may charge any kind of electric vehicle.

Optimize your consumption

You can adjust the charge intensity in real time or program use patterns according your needs and off-peak rates

Become your own energy provider

WattPark owners have the possibility to share and monetise their charge point and therefore cash in on their energy.